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Block Labelling

The block gets labelled at its arrival at the factory with a plasticized, fully configurable tag that has proved a considerable weather resistance. The use of a handheld industrial computer enables a full data management (size, choice, etc.), the inventory as well as the further processing data management.


    Drastic time reduction::
  • - 90% for the blocks inventory
    from 35/40 man/hours to 3-4 man/hour on site tested with 8000 blocks
  • - 93% for the integration with the management information system
    from 15 days to 1 day for the real and storage data reconciliation tested with 8000 blocks

Block Sawing

The block, identified through its tag, is associated to the sawing machine and the line for a safe identification of the slabs manufactured. The management information system allows to:
  • Relate consumption data for the sawing machine blades and abrasives to the blocks
  • Provide production as well as provisional data reports
  • Grant the real-time production data report
  • Print RFID labels for the slabs
While coming out of the sawing machine, the slabs are attributed a printed label "remembering" the material's characteristics, which is useful for further manufacturing phases.


  • Loading, unloading and production reports
  • Minimizing paper document printing and exchange with time saving and elimination of transcription as well as compiling errors
  • Quick labelling system: less than ten minutes to identify the slabs of 1 line containing more than 200 slabs
  • The slabs' high density PE tags are weather resistant and have proved to be resistant to most of the slabs finishing processes (polishing, resin-treating)