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FCS Solutions

StoneID is an F.C.S. Solutions' application for the natural stone industry
At last an all-inclusive solution for the manufacturing process of natural stone from the block arrival into the factory up to the single slab localization in the stockyard as well as the post-sales management.

The StoneID solution is based on the radiofrequency identification technology (RFID)

An example of the sophistication that a properly designed RFID system can reach and of the uncountable benefits provided is the StoneID system developed by F.C.S. Solutions for the natural stone industry, often cited in national and international technical magazines for its technological innovation value. The StoneID application traces the single items of process (both blocks and slabs) thanks to tags especially created to obtain the best possible results even in a hostile environment: hot and cold temperatures, exposure to rain or sun, mud, dust, etc…. Moreover, an automatic reading system – almost maintenance-free – on the production lines (polishing, resin-treating, etc…) allows to trace each phase of the manufacturing process of the slabs, detecting wastes and tracing the change of processing state of the slabs (from cutting phase, to polish- or resin-treated finish, etc…). For the StoneID implementation, F.C.S. Solutions used the UHF frequency providing several advantages rather than the "traditional" RFID systems:

  • Considerable read range › more than 5 meters!
  • Fast read speed › sup to 300 km/h!
  • Extremely efficient anti-collision protocols
  • Price definitely lower than other RFID technologies
The whole software has been designed and implemented by F.C.S. Solutions whose skilled staff provides installation, maintenance and supply of all the consumables.



F.C.S. Solutions is involved and supervises the whole StoneID project with the same experience and professionalism always characterizing this company engaged for years with the main natural stone producers.

  • Preliminary consulting service
  • System design
  • Development and installation of the dedicated software
  • Hardware and consumable direct supply
  • Skilled experience