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The path of the slab

The labelled slab (be it produced in-house or bought in) can be traced during each manufacturing operation it shall go through, associating the relevant production costs to the final product.
The start and the end of the different manufacturing phases are detected in a fully automatic way. The operator has only to select the manufacturing operation performed on the slab through a user-friendly interface: the integration of StoneID with the management information system will do the rest!

The extreme flexibility of StoneID also enables:
  • The univocal association of the slabs through digital photography systems
  • The location of the slabs position inside the stockyard, whatever is the size of the stockyard
  • The tracing of all the movements of the slabs inside the various stockyards


  • Easy management of the processing reports
  • Reduction in eventual material-processing association errors
  • Real-time processing state of the slabs
  • Possible automatic association of the slabs with its photo
  • Simplified management of the slabs stockyard